Jessica Luscious

Birthday Celebrations


Recently I celebrated my Birthday again but with three of my favourite beautiful ladies that I know recently – I have to thank …
Grace Jones, Jessica Luscious, Piper Jackson for helping me celebrate my birthday with me.
I have to thank these three ladies for such a wonderful, fun & sexy day – it was one of the best days I have had in a long time you sure spoilt me rotten with so much affection and I was so much fun having you three together with me to make my Birthday dream come true.
I have to say when you three walked down the hall in those maids outfits coming towards me my heart started to beat much faster you looked just so Gorgeous and Divine. So very sexy!
I could not get enough of your cheeky kisses! They were driving me wild having three sets of lips kissing me all over and your hands running all over my body that was sensational.
When we headed to the bedroom after you three had removed my clothes quickly and I carried Grace into the bedroom … what can I say is “WOW WOW WOW” that was very steamy fun and sexy couple of hours we spent in the bedroom together.
You guys when you were kissing me Teasing me “ Yum” I loved every minute of it. When you had blindfolded me and were teasing me with the Ice and the other wild things you were doing to me and that fun game we played when I was blindfolded…I was very close to guessing who was riding me – that was so much fun
And some very cheeky lady – she decided to bite me a couple of times in the heat of the moment – the naughtiness was coming out of her
We had a break for a while & had something to eat while Grace & Jessica & Piper sang Happy Birthday to me.
Thank you also for organising a great lunch and the yummy Birthday cake it was just so divine.
When we headed back into the room for round two – that was another awesome couple of hours we spent together, you three are such a tease.
“It is proof that you three are exceptionally good at what you do ““I just want to express my heartfelt gratitude and say thank you for making me feel like a king. “My heart is still smiling “ “I am touched beyond words “ I felt so special .
I left there that day one very Happy man – that was a day I will remember for such a long time. Thank you to Grace Jones & Jessica luscious & Piper Jackson for being the best hosts for the day and helping me celebrate my birthday with me. I am going to have to repeat this day next year.

With lots of hugs and kisses thank you
Love Mark xxoo

– Mark



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