Jessica Luscious

Effervescent personality & gleeful smile


I had the pleasure of meeting Jessica for the second time because I couldn’t get enough of her first time around.

Jessica was at the door with her effervescent personality and gleeful smile, looking gorgeous in a flowery mini dress and flowing blond hair. Without wasting any time, we passionately started kissing each other right at the door. Then we staggered on to the sofa with our tongues still locked; I was in a blissful state with her warm body on top mine and my hands trying to reach all the pleasure points on her body. I realised that Jessica was grinding on my pleated ironed trousers and my shaft was trying to break free and reach her all lubed and ready. At this point I had some realisation and pulled out my tongue out of Jessica’s mouth and uttered the first complete sentence since we met ‘ have an important meeting in the evening, can’t have sex smell on my clothes .. ‘ she giggled and got up. As I undressed, I realised when we were fixing up the appointment I had requested for a Nuru session but had left out my desire of seeing her in her red undergarments (thought it was a bit pervert). And as I eased Jessica out of her dress, it was as though she had mind-reading powers; she was wearing exactly what I wanted her to wear. Gleefully ogling and taking some brain photos of her, I got her undergarments off quickly.

Then we went through Jessica’s signature shower routine and after a mind-altering session of Nuru, blew a full load. Laying on the bed, recovering, I realised that I had another whole hour to go. Jessica was resting her head on my shoulder and nudged me for another round. And I was like ‘pretty lady, in all my life I have never even thought of coming twice in the span of 3 hours, so let’s watch just Netflix! ‘. She refused and switched on her ‘boss mode’ and did things that have to be written into reference books. And to my amazement, there it was, my puppy started barking again. After that, I have no recollection of what happened physically, as my pleasure senses were in overdrive and all I remember is the pleasure of coming again.

Catching my breath and getting ready to hit the shower, I realised that instead of feeling drained and exhausted I was all charged up to take on the world. This is Jessica, she somehow projects her energy and zest for life on to you, and it’s incredible. Thanks, Jessica for everything you do to make every moment spent with you memorable.

PS: the meeting at work went well. And I had a big smile on my face all through the evening.

– Raj



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