Jessica Luscious

The entire booking just flowed


I almost needed a kick in the bum when Jess opened the door. My jaw hit the floor and I froze for a second. I remember her being beautiful, but I was seriously stunned again at just how much her personality and beauty glows. She made me feel instantly at ease and this was even though I was running a little late (Sydney trains argghh). With some notice she was so understanding and when I arrived we wasted no time getting re-acquainted. Straight up the sex was the best I’ve ever had, no question. Jess’ body is out of this world and so responsive to touch and play. The entire booking just flowed and was effortless. Never an awkward moment, so many laughs and cuddles. She is amazing. Above all though the thing that stands out the most for me is just how genuine, non-judgemental and engaging she is. I wasn’t sure if I’d mention some of the reasons for my booking, but I instantly opened up and she embraced it with open arms. I feel totally recharged after my booking even if my head was spinning in euphoria. Thanks again Jess, you are a rare gem!




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